Virtual Personal Training With Carol White

Be FIT for YOU!

Being FIT at fifty and beyond is a way to not only improve your quality of life, but to give you a whole new outlook on life.

During my last 29 years with the health and fitness industry I’ve had the pleasure of helping many people find personal success. My experience has taught me that not everyone is able to attain their ultimate physical goals alone. Now technology can bring us together to help you achieve your fitness goals! Together you and I can strategically design the most effective workouts to keep you on track with your personal fitness regime amidst your busy life. 

What is Virtual Training?

It’s using your tablet, iPhone, smart TV or computer to meet with your trainer for a workout. Makes it easy and accessible for anyone no matter what age to workout in the comfort of your home. No membership fees, hidden fees or contracts.

Exercise and physical activity is important for everyone, especially as we age . There are four main types, and incorporating them into your fitness regime will in turn increase your overall health and well being.

Focused on people in their 50’s and beyond

As we gracefully grow older, fitness takes on a new dimension. Our nutritional needs change, the ability to recover from illness, build and retain muscle and heart health all become more important.

  • Endurance and aerobic activities increase your breathing, as well as your heart rate.
  • Strength training exercises enhance your muscle tone while achieving strength in every day activities.
  • Balance and core exercises build muscle and increase coordination to prevent falls, which in turn may prevent injury.
  • Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and can assist your body in staying limber.

How can a Virtual Personal Trainer help you?

Carol will provide
1) Education – How to be safe while becoming FIT!
2) Accountability – Train from the comfort and privacy of your home.
3) Motivation – One on One personal connection.

Call or email for your FREE consultation.

Together we will gather important information in regards to your fitness goals, lifestyle habits, fitness level and any health limitations that you may have. These will be the first steps to building a personal relationship.